Down syndrome

A genetic disorder caused by the presence of an extra chromosome.

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that is caused due to the presence of an extra chromosome, usually the 21st chromosome. The presence of an extra chromosome can cause developmental and physical changes in an individual. Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that is commonly manifested with intellectual disability and developmental delays. People with Down syndrome are associated with other medical conditions like heart and gastrointestinal disorders, obesity, immune disorders, spinal problems, dementia, etc. The severity of symptoms varies among people. Some of the common physical features in individuals with Down syndrome include small head size, flattened face, short neck, poor muscle tone, small hands, and feet, etc. The life expectancy of a person with Down syndrome is generally lower than a normal individual. With advancements in medical care, it is now possible that people with mild Down syndrome can even live beyond 60 years of age.

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