Dr. Ka. Thiruthanikachalam’s Note on Autism

Rejects Western Medical Science's way of handling Autism. Strongly believes that some vaccines are causing Autism.

It’s been my desire for a long while to write a book on Autism to create awareness among the public and to help them know the truth about it. I am happy my wish got fulfilled in the sense that I was able to write a complete book on autism. I had it published for the dissemination of the general public too.

There are many books available in the general market talking about Autism. Everything on autism was written from a vantage point of Western Medical Science. The books neither represented the medical traditions nor the wisdom and medical philosophies of the East that includes the Oriental regions and South Asia. I am sure the readers will ascertain for themselves the unique perspective I employed while I wrote the book. It was written following the indigenous wisdom and by following the herbal way of cure and treatment for autism.

Western Medical Science has not decoded the cause of autism in children. It widely believes that autism occurs in children because of the chemical changes and the imbalances in the brain, defects in the DNA mechanism, environmental causes and other causes too. In accordance with the western medical belief, it was normally held that Autism occurs by birth and is of natural disposition and it is not possible to detect the presence and prevalence of Autism in children right at the point of the child’s birth. They further adduce that the presence of autism can be deducted after the sixth month and before the child turns three. This is a widely held belief among both, the medical practitioners and the general public. I fundamentally differ from this and I strongly denounce such baseless beliefs and positions.

To explain further let me briefly enunciate about Autism. Autism is nothing but a disorder found in the nerve cells of the brain. I have endeavored to call Autism as “Brain Nerve Cell Disorder”. After birth, the child is normally administered with a lot of immunization vaccines and other drugs which could affect the functioning of the brain and could cause such disorders in the child. In particular, the vaccination administered for chickenpox and other deadly diseases might contain a lot of chemicals and thus is principally responsible for causing serious damages to the nerve cells of the brain. This book contains a detailed description of my research findings which can serve to enlighten you all about autism.

There is scant information or details about autism in any of the medical science books. If one analysis the history of Autism then one can point out the presence and prevalence of Autism disorders since the advent of Immunization and vaccination procedures for children. These programs started in the Western Countries on a bigger scale in the 1920s. It is widely quoted that the greatest minds like Sir Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, etc, have suffered from Autistic disorders. This is false propaganda and I strongly rebut this. I am of the opinion that they might have suffered from other forms of mental disturbances but certainly not from autism. It needs to be kept in mind that no vaccination or immunization programs were prevalent during the childhood days of these great men. As a matter of fact, autism itself was beginning to be studied and discussed only in the first half of the 20th century.

The number of children diagnosed with autism is found to be increasing every year around the globe. According to some reports and statistics, there are around 4 million people in India alone who are suffering from the problem of autism. This number, needless to say, is found to be growing every year. In the United States of America alone, it is found that one out of every 45th person is found to be suffering from the problem of Autism.

There is another truth that is often concealed to the general public. The drugs administered to autistic children have compositions that inhibit their erratic and uncontrolled behaviors. There is an accusation that these medicines which are normally a cocktail of complex drugs are addictive in nature and cause severe side effects. Sometimes additional drugs are prescribed to keep off the side effects of the ASD medication. Since these drugs silence the autistic person and have a temporary calming effect on the ASD patients, most parents prefer them either unknowingly or without any choice.

From another perspective, when the parents of the children look at their wards and see their calm and composed states after they take the drug, they only feel happy and thankful to the doctors for making their child look calm and normal. Their mind does not react to the power and influence of the addictive and intoxicating nature of the drugs administered to their children. They are more sensitive to the hyperactive behavior of their children and they want that to vanish somehow. So the parents of autistic children essentially are left with no choice but to continue to repose their faith in Western medicines for treating their autistic children. They are desperate that their children be cured of autism. But the reality is Western medicine is still far away from finding a real cure for autism. All of its mechanisms and schemes are far from being whole or holistic.

Through the persistent research efforts by the Siddha Doctors team at Rathna Siddha Hospital and Medical research centre headed by me, we were able to discover a drug from herbs that can completely cure Autism. This is the first of its kind in entire India and for that matter of the world that such a medical miracle has been made possible. I strongly, therefore, recommend to the wider public and to the parents and relations of the Autistic child to get their autistic children treated at Rathna Siddha Hospital. I am sure the special schools for these children become unnecessary after they get a cure for autism. These special schools and other forms of specialized care and attention I am talking about are needed before taking the treatment for Autism at Rathna Siddha Hospital. Once we cure autistic children what is the need for them?

Many autistic children have undertaken treatment for autism at Rathna Siddha Hospital and Medical Research Development Centre. They have been completely cured and are now free of autism symptoms. They are now normal kids and now continue their education and learning in normal schools. They are now happy having a normal childhood. They are joyous and so is their family.
I call upon both parents and other well-wishers from any part of the world to have your autistic children to try the medicinal herbal treatment devised by us at Rathna Siddha Hospital. We assure you to provide a speedy and quick recovery of the autistic children in our hospitals by administering them with personalized and individualized care and treatment. The herbal medicine administered to the autistic child cures the damages in the brain and restores the normal functioning of the brain. The drug also relieves the possible disorders and neural malfunctioning and thus curing of all possible damages. This makes the child behave normally and naturally like any other children henceforth. After the treatment regimen is completed and the child is cured of autism, one can hardly make out that the children were autistic in the first place.

I need to mention that most of the times the parents of the autistic children delay in bringing these children to have the necessary treatment due to the social taboo that exists. They feel remorseful to let the world know that they have an autistic child. This fear manifests them to delay and come to us for treatment not at the earlier stages but at advanced stages. My sincere plea to the parents of autistic children is that there is nothing unnatural and embarrassing about autism. As parents, you need not feel otherwise. You should rather let your friends and neighbors know that their child is affected by autism. This can help them deal with the child with more compassion. It can also help provide necessary assistance and counsel to the parents so that they feel comfortable bringing up such autistic children. This would also help them avoid the unnecessary apprehensions and anxieties, both about Autism and about the autistic children.

I once again call upon all the parents out there, of autistic children, to not delay any further. Just bring your child to Rathna Siddha Hospital so that autism can be treated with our herbal treatment.

Children with Autism can lead a better Life!

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