Siddha Treatment for Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or commonly known as Autism is a developmental disability in children.

Autism is a developmental disorder that occurs due to the damage to the brain nerve cells that causes poor communication between the brain cells and the body cells. People with autism present different symptoms such as poor social skills, poor behavioral skills, poor speech skills, etc. There are no defined set of symptoms for autism. Each person with autism displays a unique set of symptoms.

There is no one single cause for Autism. However, advancements in modern medicine are believed to be one of the causative factors of autism. This belief is based on the fact that, as medicine progresses, the prevalence of autism does not decrease, rather they increase. Another causative factor of autism is diet. Today, the widely consumed broiler chicken is injected with growth hormones for it to grow larger in size within a short span of time. And several other chemicals are injected into hens for it to produce more eggs in a short period of time. Another classic example is the wide usage of hormonal injections in cows to produce more milk. Consuming such chemically enhanced food can also cause damage to the brain nerve cells. So it is generally advised that children should not be consuming broiler chicken, packaged milk, products that are widely known to contain chemical and hormonal residues, etc. Bottled beverages should also be excluded from consumption.

Kayakalpa Therapy for Autism

The word Kayakalpam can be divided into two words, Kaya- which means body and Kalpam- which means restoring back into its original form. The primary aim of this treatment is to re-establish or restore a proper connection between the brain cells and the body via the nerve cells. Through this treatment, the damaged or inflamed brain nerve cells can be repaired. The medicines involved in Natural Herbal treatment are 100% made out of plant extracts. So these medicines, unlike western medicines, do not possess harmful chemicals and do not accrue any side-effects. The medicines used in Kayakalpa therapy for autism are so safe that they can even be given to a newborn baby. Moreover, children with other associated disorders who are consuming western medications for those conditions can also consume these herbal medicines. They can consume these herbal medicines without any fear that it might cause side-effects. Most children show improvement within 3 months after taking the kayakalpa therapy. But the children need to continue taking the medicines for 3-4 years to see a marked improvement in their autism condition. Although this treatment is effective for all ages, it needs to be emphasized that earlier the treatment, the better is the response towards the treatment.

The Kayakalpa therapy can be given to children affected with Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, ADHD, Delayed milestones, etc, too. This therapy that uses natural herbals can assist the children with these mental conditions to at least take care of themselves.

Autism can be treated in Children!

Treat autism with Siddha Medicine and see a visible difference in 3 months.