Relation between Vaccination and Autism

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or commonly known as Autism is a developmental disability in children.

In the 1980’s one out of every 10,000 children born were affected with autism but the current scenario is that one out of every 45 children has Autistic disorders in the US. The data on unusually more Autistic children in the US alone and why there are more of such special schools for these children as a result in US make us wonder why. This is the direct result of the drugs administered during vaccination by the socially conscious medical doctors and scientists.

In order to preserve the drug for longer periods of time, there is a chemical called ‘Thimerosal’ that is added to the vaccination drug. This drug contains mercury in large quantities. Researchers indicate that this could affect the functioning of the brain cells and would result in damaging the neurological functioning in people. This is a commonly held belief among the medicos and among the research community. I bent to differ from this opinion and I strongly reject the hypothesis that ‘mercury found in thimerosal’ could be the causative factor of autism in children. This is more of a diversionary campaign launched by multinational pharmaceutical giants and corporate which seeks to remove the false allegations leveled against the chickenpox vaccination. This allegation is baseless and any attempt to locate thimerosal as the possible factor for Autism lacks adequate scientific proofs.

The usage of thimerosal in vaccination drugs have been officially banned by the American government way back in 2001. The pharmaceutical giants too seldom make use of it in the drug manufacture. So why sell the thimerosal story now too? But in a recent survey and analysis, it is estimated that there are more Autistic children now in 2019 than in the years 2000 and before. In fact, the numbers have actually multiplied. This truth is evident from the reports of the American government. This only confirms and reconfirms the fact that ‘thimerosal’ cannot be the possible cause for the occurrence of Autism in children.

There is one another evidence to indicate that thimerosal would not be the essential factor for Autism in children. For many years mercury has been used as a preservative in a lot of medicines and drugs followed by Siddha and other forms of Indian medical systems and practices. When the usage of indigenous medicines were the norm and western medicines were yet to get a foothold there were no cases of Autism ever recorded among the Indian children. As a matter of fact, nowhere in history do we have any records of the prevalence of Autism in any part of India in any period of time. There is no medical record or information in any of the traditional indigenous literature, especially in Siddha literature, about autism.

Autism came into the world especially after following the vaccination procedures all over the world. So it is possible that Autism came to threaten humanity only for the past 80 years or so. Any attempt to indicate thimerosal found in mercury as a possible cause of Autism is henceforth a diversionary campaign that lacks adequate scientific reasoning.

Let me recollect my own personal experience with vaccines. During my fifth grade, this particular incident occurred. I vividly remember the white van from which doctors and other medical staff would barge into our school with syringes and kerosene stoves. As soon as the van arrived, the doors of the school would be locked and the children will be lined in order to be administered with the vaccines. Some of the boys would jump out of the school by climbing the walls, the moment they see the white van coming into the school.

Unlike those boys who escaped, I stayed and I was vaccinated. It was indeed a painful experience and this normally occurs many times a year. The scars left by the vaccines still remain.

It is a common practice that vaccines were administered on the left hand. Administering vaccines on the right hand would cause a lot of practical inconveniences such as swelling of hands, blisters, and boils. This would render the children unable to write down the notes. The swelling after vaccination usually lasts for ten days and many children used to suffer from fever.

In spite of being administered with vaccination for chickenpox for four consecutive periods, I suffered from chickenpox when I was 14 years old and I was bedridden for almost one month. When young children are affected with chickenpox virus there is a possibility of it causing permanent damage in the reproductive system resulting in Azoospermia by affecting the members, cells, and tissues found in the reproductive areas of the human body. Vaccine related death are also reported in certain cases which is acknowledged by western medicine.

The children born in the 1970s were administered with 10 vaccines. The numbers of vaccines increased from 10 to 36 within a decade. Some of these vaccines are usually administered to children within the first three years of their age.

DId the prevalence of diseases reduce despite an increase in the number of vaccines? The answer is an emphatic no. Newer diseases continued to affect the children despite administering vaccines.

It makes one to legitimately question why such vaccines need to be administered to children. It only seeks to serve the multinational pharmaceutical giants and corporate companies of the world. Because of the systematic campaigns and advertisements, many parents are psychologically induced and influenced to have their young ones to have all such vaccines being administered.

The irony is that most of the parents spend money on vaccinations hoping that it would do well to their children not really knowing the awful consequence it would create to their wards. One such negative consequence or side effect of such vaccination is Autism.

In America, there are laws to prosecute parents who have not complied with the vaccination procedures of the government. The governmental mechanism and the judiciary in America are influenced and dictated by the pressures from the pharmaceutical companies. Several socially conscious scientists and doctors have educated the common American folk about the dangers of vaccines, particularly the Hepatitis B vaccine. This has made the majority of the commoners in America to vaccinate their children only with those vaccines that are deemed necessary by the physician. This has created some kind of awareness among the people and hence has caused a decline in vaccine use and has caused several vaccine manufacturing companies to close down their business operations in western countries like the US. It may be recalled that Hepatitis A vaccine is mandatory only in 13 states of the US and the Hepatitis B vaccine is mandatory in 43 states only. So the vaccine has a lesser number of people taking and hence a diminished market in the US.

Needless to say, India became a potential market for pharmaceutical companies because of our large population. Bill Gates the founder of Microsoft, was instrumental in bringing some of these vaccinations to India. As part of his claimed philanthropic work, he provides through Gates Foundation, they procure Hepatitis B vaccines. Since Hepatitis B vaccines draw more profit, they were chosen to be given away and marketed as part of their campaign.

At home, Gates Foundation started an initiative in partnership with the Government of Andhra Pradesh. The Foundation has volunteered to bear all expenses for the first stage of Hepatitis B vaccinations for all children of Andhra Pradesh. The cost of the subsequent two stages of Hepatitis B vaccinations must be borne by the Andhra Pradesh Government. But the interesting part as per the agreement is, Andhra Pradesh needs to procure the Hepatitis B vaccine from the company recommended by the Gates Foundation.

Vaccination protocol says that children under 14 years of age who are underweight, affected with severe cold, cough, who are malnourished, or who may be allergic to certain things should not receive vaccinations. When this protocol is applied, most Indian children do not qualify to get Hepatitis vaccination at all. So in effect, most Indian children should not be administered with Hepatitis Vaccinations. But unfortunately, that is not the case on the ground.

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