Myths about Autism

Some famous myths on Autism and the actual facts

There exists a lot of myths about Autism. These prevailing myths do hot help us understand what Autism is but may help us to know what it is not.


Myth 1 - Autism occurs only in children

No. Autism can happen to adults too. Some also think that Autism occurs in childhood and disappears as the child grows into an adult. This is entirely false.

Myth 2 - Autism occurs due to insensitivity in children – they do not have emotions

Some people feel that Autism occurs in children because of the occurrence of insensitivity in feelings. Not really. Children with autism have emotions and feelings. It is just that they express it differently which is perceived as not normal by non-autistic people. The autistic child varies from the normal child in its experience of the senses. The autistic child may exhibit violent and aggressive behavior when dealing with their senses or they might be silent and sullen in their experience and expression of the sensory functions.

Myth 3 - All Autistic children behave alike

There is a popular perception among some that all autistic children will be alike and will do things in a similar manner. This is not true. Their behavior varies from one autistic child to another. Some children will be expressive in their senses related activities while there are other children who would remain pensive and silent all the time and will not be normally induced in their senses related functions. Some are influenced by the situation around them and for some, it could cause a lot of pain and misery. This is but a common feature of all of the senses related functions. Some children will cry uncontrollably even at the slightest pain while there will be other autistic children who would remain silent and quiet even against grave pain and severe inflictions. It is not known why children cry or laugh. Hence most of the autistic children would like a situation or a condition in which there are fewer changes to the surroundings or ambiance that they are living in.

Myth 4 - All Autistic children are either super intelligent or they are dumb with no intelligence

It is true that some autistic individuals may be unusually intelligent and clever, some may not be so. Most autistic individuals are born with normal intelligence only but most of the time their intelligence is often unrecognized and they are often treated with pity and sympathy.

Myth 5 – Autistic people are evil

This myth is harsh and insensitive towards autistic individuals. There is also a prevalent myth that the child suffering from Autism will possess evil intentions, are dangerous, violent and aggressive and will not be loved by anyone. All of these are cruel myths. Autistic children deserve our love like all children.

Myth 6 – Autism is just a disorder of the brain

To an extent though autism is a disorder in the brain, it is not to be confused with mental disorders. They both are not the same. It needs to be noted that autism is not just a disorder of the brain, an autistic person can have conditions like epilepsy, allergic and sensitive to a certain food, fragrances, etc and may also have gastrointestinal disorders.

Myth 7 – Autism can be cured by Western Medicine

Not true. There are no medicines in western medicine to cure autism. When the autistic child behaves erratically and cannot be controlled, the doctors administer an injection to restore the child’s behavior to normalcy. The drugs used in these injections to actually “tranquilize” the autistic child can be shocking to many. This is the hard truth. Most of the drugs that are used in such injections contain some form of tranquilizers and narcotics. The child once administered with these drugs is put in an unconscious state so that they remain calm. The immediate reaction of the parents is they are happy to see their autistic child in a state of silence and calmness. They do not realize the damage the drugs are causing to their autistic child. The only recommendation made by the western medical practitioners is of admitting the autistic children to special schools and making them undergo a specialized form of training.

Myth 8 – Autism cannot be treated by other indigenous medical systems also

This is also baseless. For the first time in the entire world, a herbal drug has been discovered for treating Autism at Rathna Siddha Herbal Treatment Centre in Chennai, in the state of Tamil Nadu, in India. At Rathna Siddha Hospital, we have treated many autistic children and have helped them to lead a normal life. We are proud to say that we have made many parents happy.

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Most of these myths have no basis and are found because of a lack of a clear understanding of autism. Most of the opinions were formed on the basis of what they had learned from the modern medical practitioners. These views are found based on the changing interpretation of western medical science.