FAQ’s on Autism

Frequently Asked Questions on Autism

Autism is a major developmental disorder that occurs due to the damage of the nerve cells present in the brain. Autism primarily affects children and infants. Being autistic not only affects the child, but it also affects the child’s parent. Parents should understand that there is nothing to be ashamed of having an autistic child. So it is always important for the parents to provide emotional support to the child. Most people aren’t much aware of autism and its effects on children. Here are some FAQs about autism.


What is Autism?

Autism is a condition where the nerve cells in the brain malfunction and affects the brain’s important functions like speech, connectivity, sensory feelings, etc. Autism is also known as Autism Spectral Disorder (ASD) because it has different characteristics that manifest differently in different individuals. Their behavior and lack of proper speech skills can create a barrier in their relationship with other people. Although western medicine claims that there is no single cause for autism, we strongly believe that autism is caused due to the damage of the nerve cells present in the brain. And there is plenty of research that says that vaccines, especially the chickenpox vaccine can cause nerve cell damage in the brain

How to handle an autistic child?

Since autism is linked to brain nerve cell damage there are no outward physical signs of autism. Autistic people have distinct behavioral patterns and activities. The parents of autistic children should take care in giving due treatment and help the child lead a normal life. Never vent out your anger and frustration on the child. Treat the child with the utmost care, kindness, and compassion. Constant encouragement is required for the child. Set up a daily routine with certain healthy habits during the early days of the child. Autistic children find it extremely difficult to adapt even to the slightest change in their routine. Above all bring your autistic child to Rathna Siddha Hospital for treatment for autism.

Is Autism treatable?

An autistic child can be treated if it is brought within 3 years of age. So early detection is an important criterion in treating autism effectively. After about 3 months into the treatment, the Siddha medicine works well and the parents can see positive visible differences in their autistic children.

You can have your autistic child take treatment for autism at Rathna Siddha Hospital. We have devised a treatment for autism using herbal medicines which have the potential to repair and rebuild the damaged nerve cells of the brain.

Are Autistic children violent?

Yes. As mentioned earlier, not all autistic children exhibit violent behavior. Some autistic children manifest with hyperactivity. This occurs when the brain cells that connect the brain and body are affected. When these nerve cells are affected, the information that reaches the brain is being sent repeatedly with 50% less intensity. This is why many children bang their heads repeatedly on walls even after it starts bleeding. Some children become restless in unusual scenarios, they bite themselves, they scream or sometimes even growl.

Is Autism associated with higher Intellect?

Autism is not an intellectual disease but rather a developmental disorder caused due to damage to the brain nerve cells. Autistic children usually have average or below-average intelligence. Autism affects the part of the brain that is associated with social communication and behaviors, and not intellect. However, some autistic children have been found to have an extraordinary development in non-communicative skills like drawing, music production, playing musical instruments, math skills, etc. It needs to be mentioned that this type of higher intellect in autistic children was found mostly in the less severely affected by autism and not in those who were affected severely.