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About Autism

Definition and Understanding

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or commonly known as Autism is a developmental disability in children. Autism primarily affects infants and children where the child suffers from a wide range of conditions that are characterized by difficulty in social interactions, behavioral skills, speech skills, and non-verbal communication. The common symptoms associated with autism are enlisted below and these symptoms can occur with varying severity.

Diagnosing Autism in your Child

Identifying an Autistic Child

Parents and pediatricians/physicians play a vital role in the early diagnosis of autism in children. Earlier there were no clear guidelines for autism screening in India. Since the prevalence of autism was less during the earlier days, physicians and pediatricians were less aware of the red flag signs of autism. This means autistic children were left undetected and did not receive early intervention.

Relation between Vaccination and Autism

The Ugly Truth

In the 1980’s one out of every 10,000 children born were affected with autism but currently one out of every 45 children has Autistic disorders in the US. The data on unusually more Autistic children in the US alone and why there are more of such special schools for these children as a result in US makes us wonder. This is the result of the drugs administered during vaccination.

Myths about Autism

Popular yet Wrong

There exists a lot of myths about Autism. These prevailing myths do hot help us understand what Autism is but may help us to know what it is not. As an example, one myth says, “Autism occurs only in children”. This is wrong because Autism can happen in adults too. Some also think that Autism occurs in childhood and disappears as the child grows into an adult. This is also entirely false.

Siddha Treatment for Autism

Hope from Conventional Tamil Medicine

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FAQs on Autism

For more clarity

Autism is a major developmental disorder that occurs due to the damage of the nerve cells present in the brain. Autism primarily affects children and infants. Being autistic not only affects the child, but it also affects the child’s parent. So it is always important for the parents to provide emotional support to the child. Here are some FAQs about Autism.