About Rathna Siddha Hospital

We treat Autism and other mental conditions in children

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) or commonly known as Autism is a developmental disability in children. Autism primarily affects infants and children where the child suffers from a wide range of conditions that are characterized by Established in the year 1995, Rathna Siddha Hospital is the brainchild of Dr. Ka. Thiruthanikachalam, a Naturopathy practitioner. From a humble beginning, our Siddha Hospital in Chennai has grown to a leading health and wellness clinic in India. Alongside Dr. Ka. Thiruthanikachalam, a team of qualified Siddha and Ayurveda Doctors assist him in his endeavor of making the hospital one of the top Siddha Medicine centre in India.

Wellness Mission at Rathna Siddha Hospital

At Rathna Siddha Hospital, we strive to locate and comprehend the underlying cause of your condition first by drawing on the investigations and diagnostic tests available. Only then do we proceed to resolve your health concerns in a holistic way. As a service to society, we also educate the patients about the diseases and health conditions and empower them with adequate knowledge to lead a happy and healthy life.
Our treatment methodologies are modeled around a holistic framework that includes diet, lifestyle changes, and herbal medicines. At RSH, we are excited to help you if you have any ailments or if you are simply looking to lead a happier life by improving upon general health.
Autism is a condition where the awareness about it is generally low. Western medicine treats Autism as an ailment rooted in birth and they falsely claim that it is devoid of any cure. The medicine they prescribe for autism simply relies on seductive functionality that seems to have a calming effect on the behavior of the autistic child. It rather does not offer any cure. At RSH, our continual efforts and persistent research in this field have led to a breakthrough discovery of a drug for curing autism. If you have an autistic child at home, bring the child to us.

Autism can be treated in Children!

Treat autism with Siddha Medicine and see a visible difference in 3 months.