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Treating Autism with Siddha

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Dr. Ka. Thiruthanikachalam on Autism

A Naturopathy practitioner sees autism as something that is manufactured.

It’s been my desire for a long while to write a book on Autism to create awareness among the public and to help them know the truth about it. Because everything on autism was written from a vantage point of Western Medical Science. I am happy my wish got fulfilled in the sense that I was able to write a complete book on autism. I had it published for the dissemination of the general public too.


Western Medical Science believes that autism occurs in children because of the chemical changes and the imbalances in the brain, defects in the DNA mechanism, environmental causes and other causes too. If one analysis the history of Autism then one can point out the presence and prevalence of Autism disorders since the advent of Immunization and Vaccination procedures for children.

Treating Autism through Siddha Medicine!

Siddha Medicine, a traditional Tamil medicine provides much needed hope.

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