Vaccinaton and Autism

The above facts makes one to naturally wonder why there is more number of Autistic children in America and why is there more number of such special schools for these children in America? There is a reason for such preponderance of Autistic children and special schools for these children in America and that is because of the drugs administered during vaccination.

In the 1980’s one out of every 10,000 children born are affected with autism but the current scenario is that one out of every 150 children have Autistic disorders. This is but a result of the drugs administered during vaccination by the socially conscious medical doctors and scientists.

In order to preserve the drug for longer periods of time, there is a particular chemical called ‘Thimmersol’ is added into the vaccination drug. This drug contains mercury in large quantity. Researchers indicate that this could affect the functioning of the brain cells and would result in damaging the neurological functioning in people. This is a commonly held belief among the medicos and among the research community. I bent to differ from this opinion and strongly reject the hypothesis that ‘mercury found in thimmersol’ could be the causative factor of autism in children. This is a vicious campaign launched by multinational pharmaceutical giants and corporate’s which seeks to remove the false allegations levelled against the chicken pox vaccination. This allegation is baseless and any attempt to locate thimmersol as the possible factor for Autism lacks adequate scientific proofs.

Usage of thimmersol in vaccination drugs is officially banned by the American government long back and the pharmaceutical giants seldom make use of it in the drug manufacture. But in a recent survey and analysis it is estimated that there are more Autistic children in 2014 than in the preceding year 2013. In fact the numbers have actually doubled when compared with the previous years. This truth is evident from the reports of the American government. This only confirms and reconfirms the fact that ‘thimmersol’ cannot be the possible cause for the occurrence of Autism in children. There is one another evidence to indicate that thimmersol would not be the essential factor for Autism in children.

For many years mercury has been used as a preservative in lot of medicines and drugs followed by sidddha and other forms of Indian medical practices but so far there is no single case of Autism found among the Indian children and nowhere in the history do we have any records of prevalence of Autism in any part of India and in any periods of time. There is no medical record or information in any of the traditional indigenous literature about autism.

Autism came into the world especially after following the vaccination procedures all over the world. So it is possible that Autism remains as a threat to humanity only for the past 80 years or so and any attempt to indicate thimmersol found in mercury as a possible cause of Autism is a malicious campaign which lacks adequate scientific reasoning.

Let me recollect my own personal experience with vaccination, when I was studying in my fifth grade this particular incident has happened. I still remember very vividly the coming of a white van and from it doctors and other medical people clothed in white dresses and white gowns would barge into the school with syringes and kerosene stoves. As soon as the white van comes the doors of the school will be locked and the children will be lined up in straight lines in order to be administered with the vaccines. Some of the agile and active boys would jump out of the school by climbing the walls the moment they see the white van coming into their schools. The boys who thus manage to escape are normally seated on the last benches and since I am a first bencher I will not be able to escape like the other boys and most of the time I had been subjected to the vaccination procedures.

After making the boys to stand in straight lines the doctors would inject the vaccines into every one present there. It is indeed a painful experience and this normally occurs four times every year. I had received four such injections every year while I was in my school. There is a scar on my left hand indicating the injections that I had received like this.

It is a common practice that vaccines are normally administered on the left hands, if administered on the right hand would cause lot of practical inconveniences such as swelling of hands, blisters and boils in hand and might result in not being able to write down the notes on the right hand. The swelling that comes as a result of such injections normally lasts for over ten days and many children suffer from fever. The next day the school will be normally filled with few children and hardly would you find more than six children in a class all but a result of the vaccination procedures.

In spite of being administered with vaccination for chicken fox for four consecutive periods, I suffered from chicken pox when I was 14 years old and I was bed ridden for almost one month. The scars and boils that I received during this period continue to be with me even now. When the chicken pox virus affects there is possibility of it affecting the brain cells. When young children are affected with chicken pox virus there is a possibility of it causing permanent damage in the system resulting in the loss of Azoospermia from human metabolism. It affects the members, cells and tissues found in the reproductive areas of the human body.

Whenever people vaccinate young children for chicken pox they also administer drugs which would cure fevers which results because of the vaccination. The fever which comes to the young child after vaccination affects the brain cells and the altercation it causes in the functioning of the nerve system is one of the indicative factors for the occurrence of Autism.

To the children born in 1970’s around 10 types of vaccinations are administered. The numbers of vaccines increased from 10 to 36 within a decade and by 1980’s children were administered with a variety of vaccines. These were administered to the children during the first three years of their life.

Do these amounts of vaccines reduce the prevalence of sickness in children in America? The answer is an emphatic no. There were only newer types of disease which continued to affect the children in spite of administering vaccines to prevent children from being attacked by deadly diseases.

It makes one to ask a legitimate question then why are such vaccines being administered to young children? It only seeks to serve the avalanche of interests for monetary gains of the multinational pharmaceutical giants and corporate companies of the world. The health of young ones all over the world is mortgaged for the selfish interests of these corporate lobbies. Because of the systematic campaigns and advertisements many parents are psychologically induced and influenced to have their young ones to have all such vaccines being administered. The systematic campaigns by these pharmaceutical giants and the repeated insistence of it by the medical practitioners all over the world cause parents to go for vaccinations.

Parents are traumatised by the medical practitioners all over the world to consider vaccination a must for their children and would readily have anything and everything administered for their wards. The irony is that most of the parents spend quantum of money on vaccinations hoping that it would do good to their children not really knowing the awful consequence it would create to their wards. One of such negative consequence or side effect of such vaccination is Autism.

Even in India the small attitude of negligence prevails among the health officials and policy makers in the government machinery. Despite knowing the fact about the increased prevalence of Autism cases in India, the government continues to have a lackadaisical behaviour towards the vaccination process and continues to be yielding to the unceasing pressures from the pharmaceutical companies with respect to vaccines.

The irony is that there are laws enacted in America to prosecute parents who have not complied with the vaccination procedures of the government. The governmental mechanism and the judiciary in America is very much influenced and allured by the pressures from the corporate giants and pharmaceutical companies to have such legislations in place. The situation is no different in India which also increasingly tunes to the push and pull of the pharmaceutical giants to yield to its demands.

Through the efforts of the socially conscious scientists and medical practitioners the American society had learnt that drugs used in vaccination is indeed harmful and has dangerous consequences for the growth and well being of the children. The majority of the common American man and woman had now started feeling that they should not go for any kind of drug vaccination but only that are highly recommended by the family physician and that which are deemed a necessity. Thus because of this awareness and enlightenment the average American do not any longer subscribes to any kind of vaccination. This rejection by the common American made most of the pharmaceutical giants to close down their business operations and are now looking are newer avenues in the developing and under developed nations of the world. The low turnover in their businesses causes them to migrate towards the rich market of India where they can easily sell of their goods and make huge profits out of it. In order to advocate the vaccination process and the drugs administered during it, the CEO of the software giant Bill Gates comes to India. Bill Gates markets these vaccination drugs heavily in order to make use of the vulnerability of the Indian conditions.

They don’t have any real concern for the health and well being of the Indian children but only to increase their sales volumes they are involved in this process. After deeper analysis of what disease or infirmity would profit them the most they had chosen ‘Hepatitis’ which is a form of Jaundice. The vaccination drug that is used to cure ‘Hepatitis’ is produced by a pharmaceutical giant in which Bill gates has 50 per cent of shares. Look at the sinister design of the campaigns launched by the Microsoft CEO.

The commerce involved in the manufacture and distribution of ‘Hepatitis’ vaccination is very complex. Doctors have so far discovered the following five different varieties of Hepatitis which are labelled as ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, and ‘E’. Only for the ‘A’ and ‘B’ varieties of ‘Hepatitis’ the scientific community was able to discover vaccinations and for others the search is on to identify the suitable vaccination drug. It is also commonly held by the medical fraternity that the vaccination used for ‘Hepatitis B’ is sufficient to treat and cure the other varieties of Hepatitis such as ‘C’ and ‘D’. Further the doctors believe that there is no vaccination required for ‘Hepatitis A’ as it occurs in patients due to the lung virus and if the lung virus is destroyed then there is no chance of the jaundice occurring in human beings. The virus is agile and active not for longer periods of time but is short lived and hence it naturally dies down. Thus there exists only one kind of vaccination drug that is precisely used for ‘Hepatitis B’. The Vaccination procedure involved for ‘Hepatitis B’ is administered in three stages and the American medical association and the American government have condemned the three stages of vaccine administration for the children in America. This ban is significant which caused the pharmaceutical giant to come out of America and to look for alternate ways of marketing the vaccine and to make money out of it. This banned substance accordingly came to the shores of India and the chief promoter of the drug is nothing but the celebrated CEO of Microsoft Bill Gates who made the Andhra government to enact an agreement to have it administered to the children in Andhra Pradesh. Bill Gates Foundation has come forward to bear the initial expense of the first stage of vaccination process all over Andhra Pradesh. The subsequent two stages would be borne out by the Andhra Pradesh government. In other words they have to procure these drugs from the Bill Gates recommended company and should administer it to the children in Andhra Pradesh.

This vaccination drug was banned in America precisely because of the side effects it caused such as Fitz, joint pains, neural disorders, blindness of eyesight, mental retardation, facial palsy, backaches and other kinds of sickness it caused among both the children and to the adults who had this drug being administered to them.

But look at the canny and cunning mindset of the crude business man like Bill Gates who in a conniving manner made an agreement with the Andhra Pradesh government and secretly executed the administration of a banned drug to the innocent children of Andhra Pradesh. Business men and women lack ethics and values and seldom worry about others but primarily seek to salvage their business and commercial goals.

Whether the Andhra Pradesh agreed for this proposal only after knowing the sinister design of Bill Gates and others or in spite of knowing the hidden agenda of the business man Bill Gates the government of Andhra Pradesh still allowed the usage of such a dangerous drug to the innocent children of Andhra Pradesh still remains a mystery which needs to be unravelled.

There is a strict provision regarding who should not be covered by this vaccination drug. It is as follows that children below 14 years of age who are underweight, who are affected with severe cold cough, malnourished and children who are allergic to many things can be considered as children who do not come under this category of vaccination and this would involve the ordinary Indian children who are often in conditions of malnutrition.

Chicken pox is not a disease but a symptom of a disease. Chicken pox is nothing but the indicative of the problems of liver and of the stones found in the gull bladder. If one diagnoses the root problems and treats it then chicken pox will automatically disappear. But in India the government and the pharmaceutical industries have made it as a disease and this is purely a make or design of the commercial intent of the pharmaceutical industries is but an evident fact.

Vaccinating a drug for a new born child of 4 kg is nothing but equivalent to having 40 injections to the grown up adult. Upon the label or on the cover of the drug it will be clearly written in the medical terminology that ‘sudden infant death syndrome’ which says that child may suffer from sudden death as a result of the usage of the vaccinating drug. Thus it is clearly mentioned in the drug that it could possibly cause damage to the well being of the child.

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