Truths about Autism that Mother should know

The government of Karnataka has made a public announcement to provide leave and salaries to those mothers who are in services and who have children who have the following problems such as neurological stiffness and stalled growth of the brain functions and Autism. This announcement comes as a huge relief to those parents who had to stunt from the offices and to the hospitals to have their wards treated from this problem. This eases their mental agonies and psychological stresses that they were subjected to intermittently.

The mothers have a greater responsibility to take care of their respective homes and to provide for them. This particular announcement of the government of Karnataka though provided some respite yet it had burdened the mother of the household all the more and whether it had eased of the problem of mothers or not. Definitely it had provided some solace for the mother from shunting between the homes, office and the hospitals and this rest and respite added the confidence of the women folk and they are mentally prepared to take good care of their children.

Stiffness of brain functions and stalled growth of the mind are some of the disorders caused due to the damages in the neural and mental functions. It is indeed very difficult to cure children who are but affected by stiffness and stunted growth of the mental capacities. But it is possible to cure children affected by Autism. In particular Autism is curable by herbal drugs.

In such a context every women should know about the issues and concerns regarding Autism. It is possible to detect the presence of Autism in the child between its ninth month and eighteen month. In other words the mother can know about whether the child will be normal or Autistic during its ninth month and eighteen month or between the first and the second year of the child. In order to cure Autism every women and in particular mothers should know about the symptoms of Autism. I have already in detail explained to you about the various signs and symptoms of Autism.

Every mother should know about the various behavioural changes in the child and should closely follow the developments in the child. If the child seeks solitude, not smiling at others and do not choose to play with children of its age, avoiding closeness, friendship and relationship with other children, problems in speaking and doing same things again and again with different set of actions, looking intently at brightness and shaking the hands continually. When the mother observes such behavioural traits in the child, she should immediately take him to a doctor and should wise counsel from him.

Some children because of the emotional stress at home caused by the conflicts and difficulties at home also exhibit some traits which are similar to Autism. The psychological stress felt by the child makes it to behave like that of the Autistic child. It is therefore very common to consider that the child to be Autistic. One should verify whether the child exhibits such traits because of the psychological stress or is it really a cause of Autism or not.

The child suffers from psychological stress and other mental problems for various reasons. These are some of the common causes why the child suffers from depression and psychological difficulties. Because of the nuclear family set ups that most of the people in the urbanised contexts that one lives most parents leave their children in the day care centres and under the care of maids and teachers, the child develops depression and this psychological stress affects the child very badly.

Nowadays children are used to electronic gadgets like Television, Computer and Smart Phones. Children are used to and addicted to the games that are found in these gadgets and this creates a mental tension in these children resulting in depression among these little ones. Women should take particular note of these concerns and they should carefully monitor their wards.

People should eat healthy foods and should cultivate healthy eating habits. They should avoid eating in the hotels and taking fast foods and other eateries outside. People who have such eating habits should avoid it and they should learn to eat food prepared at home.

Non vegetarians nowadays are eating broiler chickens and these are not healthy ones like the country chicken. In order to make it look healthy and plump they inject some medicines and tamper with the genetic composition of this chicken. It looks tasty and good but is indeed very harmful. They inject hormonal drugs into this in order to make it look heavier and grown up and as a result within 40 days they try to grow this chicken. The habit of eating broiler chicken is found among us only in the last 30 years or so and before that people are used to eating home grown country chickens. Because of the continual consumption of the broiler chicken and because of the hormonal injections the young girls attain puberty very early. They lose their childhood and hence are subjected to psychological and sociological conditioning.

Some 30 years back young girls attain puberty may be at the age of 15 or 16 years but things were greatly changed and as a result the young girls become mature and grown up and attain puberty even by 10 to 12 years of their age. This could have happened because of our food habits and consumption practice of broiler chickens heavily. Even though the country made chickens are little costly than the broiler chickens which are normally cheaper but for the sake of good health one should not compromise on this and should be ready to pay this extra price. Health is wealth declares an old proverb; therefore one should not compromise health by recourse to cheap and unhealthy food habits. Good healthy life styles and food habits results in the birth of normal and healthy children.

Raggi, maize, millet, barley and other traditional food varieties should be used in our food consumptions. Instead of using rice heavily in our food usage one should learn to make use of such traditional food varieties and should learn to reduce heavy dependence on rice in our eating patterns. This increases our health substantially.

Vegetables and fruits should be regular in our food consumption. Don’t just eat any vegetables and fruits, kindly ensure whether it is normal or genetically modified ones. Avoid consuming genetically modified fruits and vegetables.

Avoid consuming foods that are stored for long days in cold storages and beverages which are harmful for the health. Deep frozen fruits, vegetables and other eateries are unhealthy and harmful and try to avoid it as far as possible. If you want to drink juices then don’t consume ready made and bottled juices that are available in the shops but instead consume freshly made juices from the fruits. The bottled up juices have preservatives and other chemicals added to make it look fresh and natural for long periods of time. Consumption of this juices and other soft drinks and beverages are not healthy and are only harmful to the health of people.

Following good healthy food habits and life style patterns results in the birth of good healthy and normal children.

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