The mental stress among the normal children who are not autistic.

Some children will be tight lipped because of the mental stress and would normally not relate with others. They will be highly indifferent and would often remain silent and inexpressive.

Some children will behave the opposite and would normally shout and scream at others which is nothing but indicative of the mental stress that the child undergoes. Some children will always be pensive and remain deeply worried.

These problems that are described above are found to be occurring in both the children who are affected by autism and who are not. There are some common factors and reasons for such occurrence in children. The child suffers from severe anxiety because of the quarrel, shouting, arguments and other kinds of issues between the parents and that is found among the family members in the family. Some of the children have problems in relating with their parents and with other relations and this creates psychological worries and depressions in the child. The child suffers great mental depression for the following things such as the loss of a dear one, the separation from the loved ones, the sudden death of the pets and animals, sudden loss at family, disturbing violent and aggressive things and events. The child as a result of this undergoes severe mental agony and pain resulting in great depression among the little ones. The sad fact is that all these painful and disheartening things occur as regular thing in the modern families because of the changes in the lifestyle patterns and behaviours. It is therefore the responsibility and duty of the parents to watch over their children whether they undergo all such kinds of psychological trauma or not.

The child which suffers from this mental depression will not even relate with their parents and try to be indifferent and silent towards them. In such situations it is therefore the responsibility of the parents to pacify their children and should help them to come out of their stresses. Talking to them would ease of their internal struggle and they will be able to relate normally with one another.

Listen to the young ones, try to have patient hearing to what they say and speak. Listening to their narrations and stories would make them joyful and happy. Don’t intervene when they are speaking and always allow them to complete then you make any comments or corrections to whatever they had said. Allow the children to speak whatever they want to say in other own words and don’t try to put words in their mouth.

Allow them to complete their conversations and this would help the parents to understand their levels of comprehension and imaginations. The child when it speaks speaks its heart out and this would reveal the inherent creative potentials of the child. In order to make sense of what the child speaks, parents can ask small and brief questions then and there so that the parents will make out the child speaks consciously and with full comprehension. This intervention of the parents should not be in any case obstructive and the child should be able to appreciate such interventions.

The parents should speak to the children words of comfort and encouragement and instil confidence and assurance in the children continually. The parents should say to the children that they are concerned about the child, I am there to look after you, I will take care of you, don’t worry or apprehensive about anything. We are very much worried and concerned about what is bothering you and so on. All of these sayings by the parents would make the child to be brimming with confidence and hope. The child feels assured that there is someone to take care of him and to look after its well being. The genuine attention of the parents and the care they exhibit in their loving words would make the child come out of its worry and depressions.

In this fast and changing world order, it is quite disturbing to find out that children undergo psychological stress at a young age which is becoming a common thing. The Autistic children who have their brain cells damaged or malfunctioned have such psychological disorders. But this stress is also found in the so called normal children who do not have the brain cells damaged still suffer from such psychological stresses. Parents should be vigilant and careful in understanding their children and should take good care of their wards.

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