The inevitable significance of awareness about Autism

Every year there is a proportionate increase of the number of children born with Autism. In a survey conducted by an American research firm reiterates that in the last ten years there is 78 % increase of the birth of autistic children all over the world. This is indeed a alarming fact and this calls for a sustained action from the society at large.

The United nations has convened a special session in 2007 to address its concern for the exponential increase and prevalence of Autism in children and passed a resolution asking the government, the medical fraternity and the entire scientific community to pool up all its resources, energy, technological expertise, scientific scholarship and human skill to find a permanent and a lasting solution to the problem of autism and to have a world free from Autism. In order to conscientise the world and to disseminate information about autism declared April 2nd as the world Autism day. This day is particularly earmarked to create awareness to one and all about the problem of Autism.

In accordance with the resolution and the declaration thereof all the member nations of the United Nations observe April 2nd as Autism awareness day. India being a signatory of the resolution and as a responsible member state of the U.N. assembly seeks to provide awareness in the length and breadth of its borders. In spite of all this the resolution of the U.N. still remains as a far cry and yet to be answered. The western medical fraternity and the scientific community in spite of their best efforts are still far away from providing any real time solution to the problem of Autism. But to the joy of the entire humanity Rathna Siddha herbal hospital has provided by its path breaking discovery a permanent and a lasting solution to the problem of autism and has fulfilled the U.N. general assembly’s mandate of a world without Autism .

The union and the state governments in India should focus more on disseminating correct and appropriate information about Autism in India. Autism is understood in the tamil language as a disorder of self initiation. Well there is some truth in that but that is not the real aspect of autism. Autism primarily occurs because of a lack caused by the damage or disorder that had happened to the brain cells. One can term this as a disorder of the brain cells and I have appropriated this particular nuanced terminology for Autism in the Tamil language. Let us therefore explore in brief about the historical development and occurrence of autism in the following section.

Traits such as remaining indifferent and inattentive to others, laughing all by oneself and remaining aloof and isolated and immediately conclude that these are the possible symptoms of Autism. Imagine the plight of the doctor who could have predicted all this traits for the very first time and of the ignominious treatment and ridicule he could have subjected not only from the medical fraternity but from the general public.

It is quite natural to find out whether the child suffers from hearing problem or speech defect or sight mal function or any other kind of physical or physiological deformity or incapacity but very difficult to locate the presence of autism in the child. The Autistic child is not obvious to ordinary observation.

Dr. Leo Garner for the first time coined the term ‘Autism’ in 1943 to indicate the problem of Autism in children. He suspected that the lack of motherly care, concern and affection results in the child being subjected to such mental depression called autism. Autism is but a result of the lack of concern faced by the child. The medical and scientific fraternity felt that this opinion is grossly erroneous and proved that this assumption is wrong. Despite the wrong assumptions of Dr. Garner and of his faulty judgement, the credit should go to him for having coined the word Autism to the world.

Along the same time another German doctor Dr. Hans Ausburger discovered the recurrence the disorder of improper speech and conversation among grown up children in 1944. He discovered these things independent of the works of Dr. Garner and his coining of the word Autism. The German doctor published his research work in German.

Mr. Donald was identified as the first Autistic patient in the diagnostic assessment of Dr. Garner. Through proper and effective diagnosis and treatment it was commonly held that Donald was completely healed of the disease of Autism and had lived a natural life and this fact came to light in the year 2010. This is an important fact that springs hope and joy to the parents of the Autistic children all over the world. Vaccines were introduced only in the beginning of the 20th century. In particular in the western countries vaccines were introduced and popularised by the governments all over Europe to reduce child mortality. There was no problem of Autism before the introduction of vaccines. May be the symptoms of Autism could be evident before it was known to the entire world that it is nothing but Autism. Many people felt that all this could have been some form of mental disorder.

Going by this argument it is opined by some people that great scientists like Sir Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein have also suffered from this problem. But this is a baseless opinion which is nothing but an assumption and cannot be proved. May be these great men would have suffered some form of mental disorders or difficulties which is normally pronounced as Autism. Definitely there is no possibility that these mental disorders possibly suffered by these great personalities could not be Autism because vaccines were not introduced then and it is my strongest contention that vaccines are the real cause for the occurrence of Autism in the small children.

We have often claimed that Autism occurs in a child because of the defects or disorders found in the brain cells of the child and this is indeed caused by the drugs administered during vaccines. Western medical science was not able to decode the exact cause of the occurrence of Autism. Because of my unstinted research I am able to discover a drug based on indigenous and natural herbal methods which could cure the problem of autism in young children completely. I am confident that Autistic children from any part of the world can be cured through this drug and this can completely cure the autistic children.

This year there is great prediction that the number of Autistic children would exponentially increase all over the world and it is therefore the responsibility of every government all over the world to provide the necessary information about Autism to people everywhere. Dissemination of the correct facts about Autism would dispel the prevalent myths and help people to know the facts about Autism completely and have their son or daughter cured from this disease completely. This conscientisation is indeed a noble service which would provide hope and relief to millions of parents all over the world. The central and state governments in India should take adequate steps in disseminating the right information about Autism so that we will fulfil the mandate of the U.N. in creating Autism less world.

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