The imbalances in the sensory functioning of the Autistic Child

As it is already indicated that each autistic child is unique and different and will have one or other kinds of disorders or malfunctioning of the body parts. Most of the autistic children will have problems of comprehensive understanding of themselves and of the situations. These autistic children know pretty well about the functioning of their senses. They knew about visual, auditory and olfactory functioning and of its usage. When the child suffers from any malfunctioning of their senses it affects the harmony and the normalcy of the brain functioning. Because it affects the balance of the brain cells and creates imbalances in the brain functioning of the child and as a result of this the child behaves differently.

The problem in the autistic child is very complex and it is equivalent to watching 30 different television channels all at a time. In other words the autistic child is subject to perceiving numerous kinds of images, voices and other kinds of things simultaneously which is evident from the statements of the Autistic children.

Brain functions continuously according to the inputs provided by the sensory organs such as eyes, ears, nose, mouth and skin. These senses help the brain to communicate with the outside world and it receives both information from it and acts responses according to it and thereby relates to the outside world. The functioning of the brain cells and of the sensory organs of the body are rather autonomous and without any mediations.

For the autistic child there is serious difficulty in getting information and inputs through the senses and for the brain to collate and process correct information. The brain cells are not able to perceive and function properly on the basis of the mismatch on information gathering and information processing. This is because of the damage in the functioning of the brain cells. The autistic children will go through lot of mental stress and as a result suffer from depression and anxiety all the times. This causes severe body pain in the child and the autistic child hence behaves and shouts in a erratic manner.

The parents of such autistic children who suffer from sensory malfunctioning should not lose hope and interest but should continue to be sympathetic and caring towards their wards. They should not under any circumstances let their children be admitted in the special schools meant for the autistic children nor subject their wards to any kinds of such specialised trainings. But rather they should come to Rathna siddha herbal treatment centre from where a curative drug for Autism is discovered by Dr. K. Thiruthanikachalam. The sensory malfunctioning and the imbalances in the brain for the autistic children can be cured by taking the drug discovered at rathna Siddha herbal centre and the child can henceforth function as a normal child.

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