The food practices of the autistic Child

Traditional rice varieties, pulses serves as a good food for the child which suffers from Autism. Benjamin Bencoast has discovered in his research that food additives and colour preservatives are possibly responsible for Autism.

It is observed that some modern medical practitioners speak negatively about the consumption of traditional food habits and conventional eating procedures and they instead recommend having foods made out of genetically modified substances. In spite of knowing the fact that genetically modified foods can severely affect the normal functioning of men and women who is also scientifically proven; it is disheartening to know that some of the medicos in the name of sophistication and convenience recommend these as food for the people.

Children who are diagnosed from Autism should strongly avoid any consumption of the genetically modified foods. The genetically modified foods are illegally grown and illegally sold and marketed in Tamilnadu and many people consume it out of ignorance. Common man and woman seldom have an understanding to know whether the available vegetable, greens, or fruits that are sold in the market are genetically modified or not. They simply buy and consume anything and everything that is available in the market without knowing whether it is a normal one or a genetically modified one or not.

Traditional food and the conventional food habits and methods of production are also good for the children and especially for the child suffering with Autism. Parents of the autistic children should learn from the learned and the socially conscientised people about the kind of crops that are made by genetic modification and accordingly should avoid buying and consuming them. They should always try to provide conventional rice varieties and pulses for their Autistic boy or girl.

In the Old days it is a rare feature to see a child born with mental retardation or any other kinds of mental malfunctioning. The consumption of natural foods which are not contaminated by pesticides, insecticides and other harmful chemical is the cause for both normal growth and healthy growth of children. The presence of such pesticides and insecticides and their consumption is the cause of such mental malfunctioning in child.

There is hardly any mention of Autism in the ancient writings of siddhas. The ancient siddha writings though mention about other modern diseases such as bird flu and swine flu by using other words and terminologies seldom speaks about this in any of its corpus writings. There is a justified reason why there is hardly any mentioning about Autism in any of the records of siddha literature because there is no pesticides, nor insecticides or any other kinds of chemicals in food production then. Such a harmonious and a healthy life style and food habits not only created a better life for them in ancient times but also paved way for the birth of healthy children in those times. It is therefore a rare phenomenon to have children born with any kinds of mental malfunctioning or retardations.

So while giving food to the children and to the children affected with autism one should consider all these factors and should recourse in giving them traditional and healthy food. It is therefore recommended not only for the young children but also for all. Everyone should follow traditional and conventional food habits and practices in order to stay healthy and live healthily.

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