The first significant voice from the tinsel cine world about Autism and Autistic children

The recent Tamil movie ‘Haridas’ has portrayed the life and condition of the autistic child beautifully and succinctly which I had already established in the previous chapters. There are lot of movies made on autism in English and in other languages all over the world. The Korean movies ‘marathan’ pictorially captivates the reality of the Autistic children. The tamil movie ‘haridas’ has helped the Tamil speaking communities all over the world to understand the actuality of autism in its enchanting picturization. Taking about the movie, haridas, the director of the film G. N. Kumaravel has observed the following things before the public and the media personnel while launching the movie which is captivating and pulsating. His experience helps one to understand the gravity and seriousness of the issue.

“One of my relatives’ children has been suffering from Autism. They have admitted the child in the government school in their locality and the mother of the child has to stay with the child in the school from morning to evening. When I looked at the pathetic condition of the parents and the agonising conditions in which they lovingly cared their loved one made me to ponder on this issue and upon search discovered that it is not a disease not even a mental disease. This search and the pain of my relatives in caring for their loved child instilled in me a vision to produce a documentary film on autism. My search and the research took me to countless meetings with Autistic children, parents, their trainers and educators to help me understand first hand of the reality of autism. I have discovered that great people like Einstein, Bill Gates and other outstanding personalities have once suffered from this disorder and with continuous and sustained treatment procedures it is possible for them to excel in their respective fields and to contribute significantly for humanity. They achieved great and big things in life and in their individual fields had inspired me to produce a full fledged movie to help the world understand the reality of Autism”.

The normal procedures that are followed so far in the treatment of autism is to admit these children in the special schools and making them to undergo a specialised and individualised training methods to correct the children from such disorders. This process is time consuming and takes long years to treat the autistic child, sometimes the child gets cured after prolonged treatment or the child remains autistic all through its life.

The director of the movie, haridas in the interview claimed that famous personalities like Einstein, Bill Gates suffered from autistic disorders but this fact is not scientifically proven and it is the common myth that is prevalent among the people. Even if one admits the fact that these famous personalities had suffered from Autism in their childhoods, I strongly admit that this could have occurred because of the drugs administered to them during the process of vaccination.

It is a commonly held belief among the practitioners of western medicine that autism is curable through specialised training and through the special schools but they forget to admit that it indeed takes longer periods of time, may be years together. But I strongly declare to the world that through the drug that I discovered at Rathna siddha herbal treatment centre it is possible to cure Autism within couple of months. This makes me to say all the more with greater conviction that there is really no need for any kinds of special education, training or special schools in order to treat Autistic children in any part of the world.

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