The approach that one need to show to the Autistic child.

We have already expounded that Autism is nothing but the lack caused by a disorder or damage caused in the brain cells. The irony is that the western medical science has not so far understood the mystery behind Autism.

The child who is born with autism will not do even the slightest things that a normal child would do after its birth. This is one of the strongest indications that the child which remains idle and indolent after its birth into the world that the child could be possibly an autism affected child. The child does not exhibit the symptoms and traits that a six month old normal child does and this can give a strong clue to the parents that the child could be possibly an autistic child.

The child fails to note and understand the facial expressions of its mother, neither does it laugh at the mother or at others and does not even make the childish giggles and laughter. Even if summoned or called from closer vicinity the child remains indifferent and diffident and shows no expressions of any sort. Neither the child expresses any interest for any kinds of sports nor indulges in it and the further the child lacks the ability to hold any kinds of things. These symptoms and behavioural traits which are normally expected of every child after its birth is found lacking or wanting in these children which could possibly indicate the presence of autistic disorder in these children.

What is ironical is that even the so called educated and learned ones also lack the necessary care and sympathetic outlook towards these Autistic children. Physiological examinations will not help us to determine the presence of Autism in the children. The moment when we notice the presence of such symptoms one should start the process of treatment of these children and this initial diagnosis and treatment can really help cure the children from the problem of autism. Parents should not be apprehensive and be discouraged but should take every step possible to reconstruct the lives of their dear ones. One should keep it in mind that the western medical science will not be able to provide diagnosis and complete cure from Autism. The only way for complete cure and redemption from this issue of Autism is only possible through herbal treatment. Rathna siddha hospital and research centre provides the best herbal treatment to cure all diseases and in particular from Autism. So far we were able to bring hope, joy and life.

Society in general should be sympathetic and concerned for these Autistic children. They should not express any signs of irritation, anger or disgust at these children but rather should express their love, compassion and care to these children.

The Western Medical fraternity was not able to find out the exact cause of the occurrence of Autism and it probably speculates that it could result due to the following conditions, such as the disorder suffered by the ancestors from both the father’s or mother’s side. Autism could occur according to the western medicos predicament is due to the lack of chemicals such as magnesium, phosphate and even due to the hormonal defect caused by ‘secretin’.

The real tragedy is that the western medical science has not realised the fact that Autism occurs in children because of the drugs administered during vaccination. On the other hand the prolonged silence and ignorance of the western medical fraternity from disclosing such a truth to the world raises lot of doubts and speculations about the genuineness of the western medical science and of its truth claims. The clever answered given by the western medicos regarding the cause and cure of Autism is that there is no medicine yet discovered for treating Autism.

The truth is that at Rathna siddha herbal medical centre we have treated and cured many such cases which were suffering from Autistic disorders.

On noticing the initial symptoms and indications of Autism if only the children are treated at the initial stages then one can device alternate ways and means of their life and help in creating a meaningful, purposeful and complete life. This reconstruction of life depends on the severity of the Autistic disorder in children and is subject to the merits of individual cases only. Thus the curative and reconstructive process is not a generalised pattern but is subject to the level of disorder subject by the individual children and their levels of response to the treatment procedures and patterns. Building the lives of these children hence cannot follow a uniform normative process but has to adapt to case by case individualised attention and treatment. One has to understand that such an individualised and personalised care and attention will help the individual children to formulate an alternate life style and paradigms of living which is conducive to their life and patterns and would realise a meaningful and purposeful life for them.

These children need continuous and sustained encouragement. If the children adopt a particular style of doing things then they will not appreciate or follow any other patterns which are contrary to what they have learnt or imbibed. Any deviation from the routine procedures will be difficult to comprehend by these children and they will not likely to follow it in spite of repeated insistence on it. The children would like to follow accepted procedures be it to their food habits, playing or anything like that and all deviations are completely desisted by them severely.

Because of autism the normal functioning of the brain cells are affected badly and they are not able to normally relate with other people. if the symptoms of autism in the child are detected at an earlier stage then there is every possibility to correct themselves from such maladies and to reconstruct a lives which is holistic and meaningful to them.

There are special schools exclusively meant for the autistic children in the developed countries like America, Australia and other European nations. These children are subject to different syllabi and curriculum. Every individual child undergoes a process of learning and education which is very much individualised and specific corresponding to the level of their damage. Thus there exists in these schools a personalised attention to each of the children according to the stage of autism and curative mechanisms are developed accordingly. There are such special schools even in India among the metropolitan centres for autistic children. But the kind of specialised training is not satisfactory and is sub standard. There are such specialised schools even in the state of Tamilnadu, but often I hear complaints against these schools by the parents who had put their wards in these schools hoping that the special schools would cure their child from Autism which is unbecoming.

I personally don’t advocate such specialised schools for Autistic children and there is no absolute need for such specialised schools. Well such specialised schools may be considered as an option so long as a drug is not discovered for curing Autism. Since I and the team from Rathna siddha herbal treatment centre has discovered a curative drug using herbal methods therefore there is no absolute need for any kinds of special schools for these children is needed. The special schools and the treatment provided in it is obsolete because of the permanent solution offered in Rathna Siddha herbal treatment. I therefore strongly denounce special schools for Autistic children because of the permanent solution offered by herbal treatment.

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