Some prevalent myths and wrong understandings about Autism

There exists lot of unconfirmed and conflicting stories about Autism. These prevailing myths do hot help us understand what Autism is but what only helps us to know what it is not. Some people feel that Autism occurs in children because of the insensitivity in feelings. Some others feel that Autism and mental disorders are one and the same. While some others feel that Autism occurs only within child and disappears as the child grows into an adult. There is also a prevalent myth that the child suffering with Autism will be evil intent, dangerous, violent and aggressive and will not be lovable to anyone.

There is also perception among some people that all of Autistic children will be alike and will do things in a similar manner. The autistic children will be intelligent and are clever naturally but most of the time their intelligence is often unrecognised and they are often treated with pity and sympathy. All of these opinions have no basis and is found because of lack of clear and perceptive understanding about the problem of Autism. Most of the opinions were formed on the basis of what they had learned from the modern medical practitioners. These views are found based on western medical science and of the drugs that are produced on the basis of those diagnostic practices.

It is another commonly held belief that Autism children need to be admitted to special schools and should have specialised forms of training many people simply buy such arguments and are following it faithfully and religiously.

The problem of autism and children suffering from autism disorder is proportionately increasing in the last 50 years or so and this is indeed a serious concern. In particular it has increased at an alarming rate in the last 30 years.

The primary cause of this increase in the Autism disorder all over the world is due to the vaccination drugs administered to children and I have explained this in detail in the previous chapters. Only the socially conscious and good hearted western medical practitioners accept this fact but rest of the medical and scientific fraternity simply ignore it and don’t consider it at all. There is no drug discovered for Autism using the western medical practice till today and the only recommendation made by the western medical practitioners is of admitting the Autistic children to special schools and making them undergo a specialised form of training.

When the autistic child behaves erratically and in an uncontrolled manner, in order to restore the child to a normal level, the doctors immediately give some injection to it. People will be shocked if they know about the drugs used during these injections to the child. The truth even though is hard and bitter has to be proclaimed nevertheless. Most of the medicines that are used in such injections contain some form of tranquilisers and narcotics. The child once administered with the drug remains in a unconscious state and remains clam then. The parents of such children are very happy to see their child remaining silent, calm and without causing any form of disturbance and they are happy and thankful to the doctors for giving some medicine which had calmed their child not knowing the real fact that the doctor had administered a form of medicine which is indeed narcotic and tranquilising. This is what is normally done in the western medical sciences and it is hardly known to the outside world.

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Coming back to the issue that we have been addressing is about the prevalent myths and wrong conceptions about autism, we have so far outlined the rationale behind such misconceived understandings and now let us look into some of the issues concerning the reality behind Autism is as follows. The autistic child varies from the normal child in its experience of the senses. The autistic child may exhibit violent and aggressive behaviour when dealing with their senses or they might be silent and sullen in their experience and expression of the sensory functions.

Some children will be expressive in their senses related activities while there are other children who would remain pensive and silent all the time and will not be normally induced in their senses related functions. Some are influenced by the situation around them and for some it could cause lot of pain and misery. This is but a common feature of all of the senses related functions.

Not all of the Autistic children undergo similar damages in their functioning. Some children will cry uncontrollably even at the slightest pain while there will be other autistic children who would remain silent and quiet even against a grave pain and a severe inflictions. It is never known why children cry or laugh. Hence most of the autistic children would like a situation or a condition in which there is less changes to the surroundings or ambience that they are living in.

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