It deserves the Nobel Prize for Medicine

Autism causes manifold sufferings in children such as emotional imbalances and physical sufferings throughout the world. They find it difficult to converse with others and this causes difficulties for others to understand these children and their behaviour and life styles. The children who suffer with autism cannot relate with the larger society without the help of an aid/ assistance and the society should understand the limitations of the autistic child and should care of these little ones with sympathy and care.

The United Nations passed a resolution in one of their conferences about Autism and the Autistic children that efforts should be taken by the nations, the scientific community to assess the cause of the occurrence of Autism in children and also seek effective ways to prevent and cure children affected with Autism. It therefore urged the global community to impress on a world without the problem of Autism. It declared that April 2nd will be celebrated throughout the world as Autism Day and every effort should be made to disseminate information causing awareness to the people at large.

In accordance with the U.N. resolution April 2nd is celebrated as Autism Day and being observed by all nations throughout the world. India is also a signatory of this resolution and accordingly throughout India April 2nd is observed as Autism Day. Modern Medicinal practices in spite of their valiant efforts were not able to find a drug which would address the problem of Autism and thus fulfil the wish of U. N. to have a world without autism.

What eludes the Western science and the medicinal approaches and the mysteries of the problem of Autism is unravelled by an Indian using the traditional and herbal Medicinal treatment. It is none other than Dr. K. Thiruthanikasalam who through his phenomenal research has discovered the drug to cure the problem of autism by following the Siddha Herbal medicinal treatment. This is indeed heartening and joyful not only for the Tamil speaking world but for the entire nation of India. The great work of Dr. K. Thiruthanikasalam is commendable and one can recommend his name and of his profound research to be considered for the award of Nobel prize for Medicine. The great service he has done for humanity and for the entire world is magnificent.

Dr. K. Thiruthanikasalam seeks to disseminate information concerning his research to the entire world and this book provides a comprehensive analysis and treatment of Autism through Siddha herbal treatment. This book is written by Dr. K. Thiruthanikasalam himself to help the children suffering with Autism and to relieve the world of autism.

When I went through the content of this book I discovered for myself how this book is different and unique when compared with other books on Autism. This book provides firsthand information on Autism and it is very elucidative in its treatment of the subject. Though there are lot of books available on the market on Autism what is gleaned from those books is not the correct information about autism but distorted information on Autism. Among the many misrepresented stories about Autism are the following, that Autism occurs because of inadequate feelings, Autism is nothing about collapse of mind, Autism occurs only in childhood and disappears when the child reaches the adulthood, the autistic children will not be good and loving and will be malicious in behaviour.

On the other hand there are also other versions of Autism that children suffering with autism will be genius and smart and all of the children with Autism will behave similarly in their emotional and intelligence levels. All of these understandings just reveal the gross misunderstandings and misinterpretation that are prevalent among the learned and unlearned public about Autism. This book seeks to provide real assessment of the problem of Autism and tries to unravel the truth behind it. It also seeks to answer those apprehensions and doubts that are prevalent among the people because of what they had gleaned from the books that bases its arguments on western and modern medical science. I am sure people would be enlightened after reading this excellent work of Dr. K. Thiruthanikasalam and will themselves know the truth behind Autism. I am confident that the parents of the Autistic children will consider this work as a real blessing for their lives as it dispels the misconceived notions and understandings and help them to understand the real truth behind Autism.

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