Is there a possibility that child born to aged fathers be necessarily autistic?

Parents who are above 40 wanting to have a boy or girl should think about the future of their child according to the researchers. They should consult the doctors before going for a child.

It is found according to some researchers that the strength of sperms and sperm count are not healthy and strong of the aged fathers and it gets weaker day by day. But I bent to differ from them that Autism primarily occurs in children not dependent on the strength and health of the sperms of the fathers but primarily occurs in children because of the drugs used in their vaccination process. This fact is further reiterated by some of the medical scientist from the west as well.

Even we agree with the proposition of the researchers that Autism occurs to children of the aged fathers, yet my position holds good that the children born to this aged fathers are autistic because of the drugs used for their vaccination purposes when they were young. The drugs affect the brain cells of the children born to these aged fathers resulting in autism and it is not therefore contingent on the strength of the sperms of the fathers.

Going further by the research reports that only 30% of the children born are born to the aged fathers suffer from this problem of Autism whereas 70% of the children are born not to aged fathers but fathers who are young and agile which the researchers have failed to notice it.

In the present scenario it is found that most of the Autism affected children are found in America and I primarily surmise that it is but the result of the increased vaccination procedures in these countries. The drugs used in the vaccination procedures are but the cause of Autism. In spite of knowing this fact it continues to be found there because of the political lobbying and the market or corporate forces which back the vaccination procedures. I have detailed about this nexus between the pharma industry, corporate forces and the political lobbies in a separate essay and I am sure this would enlighten the people.

Further the Americans consume genetically modified crops in higher quantities than any other people in the world. It is not established by research facts that there is any essential connection between the occurrence of Autism and the higher consumption of the genetically modified foods. But there is a point to be considered from this hypothesis that the genetically modified foods can cause modifications in the genetic composition of human beings according to scientists.

This hypothesis is still not established by scientific researches and the scientific community should do further research to establish whether the parents who eat genetically modified foods have the possibility of bearing Autistic children and if so does Autism have any correspondence with the changes in the composition of the genes. The western medical fraternity have to establish the veracity of this valid guess.

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