Is there a possibility that a mentally retarded child be suffering naturally from Autism as well?

The foetus is formed by the union of the 23 chromosomes of a man and the 23 chromosomes of a woman. In this combination out of the 23 pairs if 21 pairs have some disorder or damage results in Down’s syndrome among children. Out of the six hundred children born in India there is a possibility that one child could have suffer from mental retardation caused by the Down’s syndrome. There is a possibility that these children affected by Down’s syndrome could also be autistic because of the possible damages caused in the brain cells.

The Down syndrome children are born with still growth, retarded mental functioning, abnormal growth and other such disorders which affect their normal functioning and growth. There are enough scientific and technological mechanisms that are available nowadays that helps detect the possibility of whether the child in the womb could be born with it or not. Pregnant women and expecting mothers can make use of this technological advancement to assure themselves that their babies would be normal ones or to be born with down syndrome or not.

Every expectant father and mother would have lot of dreams about the boy or girl to be born. It is possible to detect the occurrence of any disorders in the child at womb with normal scans but to detect the possible occurrence of Down’s syndrome it requires sophisticated scan instruments. Through advanced technological gadgets one can know about the occurrence of Down’s syndrome.

In earlier times it is possible to know of the complete mental growth of a child only after the fifth month scan. But things have rapidly changed and with the possible latest technologies and advanced gadgets it is possible to know and analyse the growth of the mental faculties of the foetus around 11 to 13 weeks from the date of conception. On the other hand it is also possible to detect the growth of the mental capacities of the child by taking the blood samples of the pregnant mother and subjecting it to ultra sound scan procedures.

If the two scan procedure of ultra sound scan and other advanced scan is not possible to detect the presence of down syndrome or any other mental malfunctioning in the child then one has to detect some tissue from the food pipe of the child and should treat it for chromosome analysis to detect the possible occurrence of any kind of mental malfunctioning in the child.

It is therefore recommended for every pregnant mother and expectant father to undergo such procedures to make themselves assured of the fact that the child to be born is indeed a normal and a healthy one, and this process helps them to know that their ward would be free from the down syndrome.

Exercise great care after the birth of the child and especially during the process of vaccination. Even medical doctors and scientists admit that the drugs given during vaccination can possibly affect the brain cells and cause mental retardation and other kinds of malfunctioning in the child. Parents should administer only those drugs or subject their loved ones to such vaccination procedures which are recommended by the family doctors and which are essentially needed for the health of the child.

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