Is it true that some of the famous personalities of the world are Autistic or not?

The psychologist Michael Fitzgerald after analysing the life histories of many famous personalities of the world has concluded that some 30 of these prominent ones could have suffered from Autism disorders. He further lists some of these prominent leaders such as Darwin, Hitler, Einstein, Isaac Newton, Thomas Jefferson, Michael Angelo, Srinivasa Ramanujan, George Orwell and others to have suffered from Autism basing a real life analysis of them.

Well the readers might have a general query that how it is that Rathna Siddha Herbal centre could have discovered for Autism when it is not possible by the western medical sciences and by the advanced scientific and technological advancements of the west. Let me explain the greatness of our discovery. Before attempting that, let me explain on whether great personalities had suffered from Autism or Not.

I have already elaborately outlined that autism is in fact a damage caused to the brain cells and a disorder as a resultant of it. The famous living personality’s life Stephen Wiltshire, Krishna, Demple Krantin has suffered from Autism. But what the psychologist Michael Fitzgerald outlined about those great personalities was not true. In fact these prominent ones had not suffered from Autism but from some form of psychological disorder.

Stephen Wiltshire, Krishna and Demple krantin have suffered from Autism caused by the damages in the brain cells. They would have had less brain damages and as outlined in the previous chapters not all autistic people suffer identically and they have similar problems. The severity of the autistic disorder is based on the severity of the damage caused onto the brain cells. Going by this line of argument it is true that the above mentioned personalities have serious difficulties but it is of a appreciable nature but not very high.

Let me talk about Stephen Wiltshire who is famous for his extraordinary memory power and retention capacity. He is a skilled artist who can paint all that he had seen fifteen minutes go without any outline. He captivates the aerial view or bird’s eye view snapshots of all that he had seen and observed and within fifteen minutes will be able to portray the landscapes, the mountains, the rivers and the valleys, the shrubs and the alleys, the schools and everything within that area. He had such an incredible memory and is something phenomenal.

He is born on 1974 in London to parents who are steeped in western traditions and practices. Like other autistic child he had difficulties in corresponding to the outside world and serious limitations in speech. On his fifth year people were able to know about his extraordinary painting and artistic skills. What could be the possible reason for the autistic child Stephen Wiltshire to possess such extraordinary talent in painting and arts? This could be possibly because of the integrative mindset which they possess. They have greater comprehension, oneness and equanimity which is something similar to what is achieved after prolonged and sustained meditation. The Autistic child have the capacity to synchronise their skill and abilities and possess greater coordination capacities of their minds, this has parallels to what is achieved by undisturbed attention. This is not possible of all children but only to those children who are affected by Autism. Autistic children are normally mischievous and troublesome but once they attain a level of equanimity they display remarkable characteristics in life.

This feature of integrative mindset and oneness is not found among all autistic children. It is possible among those children whose brain cells are affected the least and not among those who have profound damage of their brain cells. Stephen Wiltshire is simply noted for his portrait of the city of Rome with all of its inherent features and things after an aerial survey of the city of Rome by Helicopter. This portrait and the extraordinary memory power simply amazes everyone.

During his childhood he was not an extrovert and often would retreat into silence fearing othees. He would speak very little and he started speaking very lately. Till seven years of age it is told of him that he would often repeat the same syllable and would be engaging in idiosyncratic conversations. Basing on such general features and observed facts the psychologist has concluded that Einstein could have suffered from Autism. But in my honest opinion I feel that Einstein has not suffered from the problem of autism. During the time of Albert Einstein there was no practice of vaccinations hence he could not have suffered from autism but could have possible suffered by any psychological stresses or mental limitations which some children undergo in their childhood days. I strongly feel that the psychologist has mistakenly concluded the psychological difficulties that Einstein suffered as Autism.

Einstein himself admitted several times that he likes being alone. He frequently suffered from the disease of insomnia and often remains forgetful to the things around him. His silence, aloofness has helped him to focus his analytical and research skills into coordinated scientific action making him the celebrated scientist of his time. He would often say that in his quiet times he would see things visually and clearly which made him and his research unique and constructive. While other human beings thing concepts in terms of words and languages, the scientist and the philosophers conceive things visually and imaginatively. This particular feature is found in Albert Einstein also which made him an outstanding scientist of his time and of all time. This outstanding feat of Albert Einstein made the psychologist to possibly conclude that he could have suffered from Autism. If one goes by this argument then it is possible to conclude that every scientist and all great minds of the world could have possibly suffered from autism.

What Einstein and others exhibited is great coordination and synchronisation of the ideas and this integrative mindset occurs to these scientists and great minds because of their continued concentration and focus on particular issues. This focussed minds help these great minds and scientists to understand cosmic principles and universal truths naturally and without much difficulty. Albert Einstein had such remarkable mindset and nothing else and this has no connection with Autism as such.

Isaac Newton

Even Sir Isaac Newton remained an introvert and would often prefer silence and aloofness. He would normally have limited conversations and often forgets taking his lunch because of his unstinted focus on his work. He also suffered from insomnia like Albert Einstein. Let me narrate a simple incident that had happened in his life. ‘on one fine morning he enters a class room and finds no student in the class room but Isaac Newton in his forgetfulness begins his lectures and continues on and on. When he finished the lectures and came to the staff room somebody enquired him why did he take lectures to a class which had no students. The prompt reply from him was that I was fully prepared with my lectures and was mentally prepared to have his lectures and hence he did not mind whether there were any students or not. He simply lectured to the empty class room for the sear joy of lecturing.

Isaac Newton suffered from nerve disorders and the psychological stress when he was fifty years old. This illness makes people especially the psychologist to possibly conclude that Sir Isaac Newton also could have suffered from Autism. Like I have already highlighted before all great minds and personalities who had remarkable mind had suffered from one or other of some psychological stress and condition and it is therefore a misconceived conclusion that this could be possibly be Autism

Thomas Jefferson

It is but a significant truth that the world underwent lot of psychological difficulties since the coming of the Industrial Revolution in Europe. Human beings had less psychological problems and mental difficulties before that industrial era and were living a happy and joyful life. They would go to their respective fields early in the morning engage in hard physical labor and in the evening would come back to their homes and spend their moments happily with their family and children and finally would have a sound sleep. It was but a smooth and a happy life without any difficulties.

The Industrial revolution has significantly altered the landscape of Europe greatly. Many significant discoveries and inventions were made as a result of the industrial revolution. The income levels of the people began to increase. Both need and want of the people increased all the more. This resulted in consumerism and caused a consumerist drive in the minds of people. since the felt need of the people was great people were forced to work more in order to satisfy their needs and urges resulting in an avalanche of consumerist mindset. When the people were not able to meet out their needs and wants they were forced into a situation where they were suffering in great debts. People lived in impoverished conditions and often were forced into financial losses and debts. This created psychological stress naturally causing unfold difficulties and strains in their life. All these affected the people badly and resulted in mental anxiety and depression to the people. In addition to the financial burdening people were forced into a competitive mindset which resulted in aggressive behaviour and an unhealthy relationship among the people. All this caused greater psychological stress and trauma to the people.

These psychologically affected people exhibited traits which were similar to those found with people who suffered from Autism. And this makes people to mistakenly conclude that every psychological disorder could also be possibly due to Autism. What Newton and Einstein could be some form of psychological disorder which the psychologist mistakenly concluded as Autism and this is indeed came as a surprise to many.


He was not able to speak almost till two years of age. The doctors who examined him concluded that he is suffering from hearing deficiency. But his mother who observed her child did not go with the predictions and conclusions of the doctor as the child is found to be responding to the ringing of the telephone and accordingly wanted to find out the real reason behind the problem of her child and hence consulted many doctors in the process.

When Krishna was four years old, the doctors in Boston concluded that Krishna suffers from Autism in a hospital there. The mother discovered Krishna’s passion for music and had helped her child to be trained with musical skills and techniques under the tutelage of great musicians and musical trainers. She also discovered Krishna’s interest in reading and books and accordingly encouraged her son into the habit of reading books.

Krishna had written his first book when he was 24 years of age and continues to be a prolific writer working on different themes. Reading habit and passion in music had helped him to coordinate his mind in doing things what had interested him. The damage on his brain cells are at an appreciable level hence Krishna was able to concentrate on his creative interests or otherwise Krishna is no different from other Autistic children whose brain cells are also damaged but in large measures. Krishna was able to focus his mind on a particular thing and could be a remarkable personality in the world.

Dimple Krantin

He was born in Boston and serves as a professor of Zoology in the Colorado University. He is also a prolific writer. He was born in 1949 and when he was two years old he is discovered of Autism. He was blessed with good parents, good care and attention was provided to him which enabled him to come out of his limitations. The presence of loving and sympathetic teachers helped him to improvise himself in his life. Because of the excellent support he received he was able to speak when he was four years old.

He studied diligently and studiously and was able to complete his doctorate in zoology. In the 2010 edition of the Times Magazine honoured him by choosing him as one among the 100 influential people of the world. He is involved in disseminating information about the proper way to raise pets and animals both at home and at the farms. Not only he takes great interest in eco-concerns but also was involved in providing correct and relevant information about Autism. He extensively disseminates information through his lectures and through his writings.

If we closely analyse and evaluate his life then we can see that the brain cell disorder that he suffered was of appreciable level and because of that he was able to excel in life. In the beginning of the essay we had identified other great leaders and personalities like Darwin, Hitler, Thomas Jefferson, Michael Angelo, Srinivasa Ramanujan, George Orwell and others were extraordinary and brilliant and there is no truth that they had suffered from Autism. These people had other difficulties like some of Psychological stress but definitely they had not suffered from Autism. These psychological difficulties and problems can be cured by some form of meditation or counselling by some psychological counsellors and other people. Autism as already briefed is a damage of the brain cells and this problem cannot be cured by following the western medical practices but necessarily by following the herbal treatment.

Dimple krantin though does phenomenal service to humanity for his dissemination of correct information on Autism nevertheless advocate special schools and specialised form of training and education to cure people from the problem of Autism. He is not the lone campaigner to promote and recommend special schools and special education to cure Autism but there are many others. The problem is that these people do not know about the drug discovered by us and of the easy and permanent way to solve the problem of Autism. What we have proved to the whole world is that Autism can be solved by taking a drug and we have disproved the notion that curing Autism requires other intervention methods. Autism of any kind are cured by the drug that we had discovered at Rathna Siddha herbal treatment centre and we challenge people from any part of the world to make use of this wonderful opportunity and to have their son or daughter relieved from the problem of Autism and this is our humble desire and submission through this literature to help the world find a lasting solution to the problem of Autism. I want people to make good use of this resource to make this world a place without Autism.

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