Autism curable through Siddha Herbal treatment

Many people think about Autism as a disease but the fact is that Autism is not a disease as such but is primarily a damage that occurs in the cells of the brain. Autism is a mental disorder that affects the important functions of the brain such as the speaking ability of the child, the sensory perceptions and its functioning and the child’s external or social relationship.

Autism is known as spectrum disorder that happens in the child’s development. Since the autistic disorder happens with respect to the mental functioning it can be understood as the disorders of the brain cells.

The autistic child has difficulties with respect to relating with the outside world and the child lives in its own world causing barriers and difficulties for others to understand and relate with the child. Some of the Autistic children do not speak or communicate properly but in some other cases, the autistic child has no problems in communication and it continues to express freely with the outside world. There is no common parameter to determine the possible extent of damage that Autism causes in children. It is rather undefinable and varies according to the children.

Some opine that Autism is a natural disorder that a child is born with and some others express that it is not possible to discover this disorder in a child right at the time of its birth. It is normally held that the Autistic disorder can be discovered in child after the child turns six months and before the age of three.

The real truth is that Autism occurs in the child because of the drugs administered in the vaccination process in the child. The drugs cause damage in the functioning of the brain cells of the child and this results in Autism. Even the western medical science knows about the causation of Autism because of the vaccination drugs they don’t admit it openly and truthfully and this is real injustice and a blatantviolation of the trust reposed on the medical fraternity by the common man and woman.

In India the movies like tara zameen par in hindi and haridas in tamil did create an awareness about Autism to the general populace but in my sincere observation that is insufficient and there has to be continued and systematic efforts at creating an enhanced awareness to the public about Autism.

The western medicinal practices has not discovered nor defined the primary cause of Autism. The western medical and diagnostic patterns have elicited that Autism occurs in a child beacuse of the defects in the mental functioning of the child, defects in the DNA structure, environmental causes and other external factors. Thus the western medical practices were not able to define the real causes of the occurrence of Autism. As I had already said that the real cause for the occurrence of Autism is the drugs that are given during the process of vaccination.

It is indeed very difficult to distinguish between the autism affected children and the normal children in terms of their normal developmental stages and activities. As both of them the normal children and the autistic children behave in similar manner and it is very hard for parents to identify whether the child is really affected by autism or not.

The Autistic children live in their own private worlds and do not engage in any form of conversation with the outsiders. They play on theirown and do not consider anybody as their playmates. They chart their own plans and have their own schedules and scheme of things even gentle breeze excites them. The sound and the air from air conditioners also fascinate these children. When they are taken outside into a newer environment they behave strangely and scream incessantly and the way they shout will be erratic and unimaginable by the others and the others would often look at these children differently and with pity.

The elementary level teacher or the kindergarten teacher who handles young children will be able to quickly notice the difference among thechildren and will be in a position to distinguish between the normal ones and the children who are likely to be affected by Autism. They make out from the behavioural patterns and the features of these children. They will not behave with other children normally and often remain in a state of isolation and loneliness and they are not interested in interacting with other children and tend to be pensive and sullen. When the children continue to behave like this even in their homes they are simply scolded and shouted by their patents and even in some families the children are nicely beaten up by the parents, because they did not know the real conditions and causes of these children. They assume that by doing all this external corrections and reprimands they feel that the children’s behaviour can be ordered and structured.

It is indeed a fact that most of the autistic child will suffer in their comprehension and intelligence. 70 % of these children have difficulties in mental growth and they would be lacking in their concentration and focus. Their mental growth would be slightly lower than the normal children. But nevertheless the autistic child displays tremendous skill and enthusiasm into things which interest them. They exhibit their prowess and mastery in certain things which delights them. It could be music, dance, drama, songs, arts, sports or any other area or aspect of concern and they would demonstrate their skill at a phenomenal level in any of these concerns or focussed areas.

Sometimes you would find this that a one year old child would not respond to the call of elders and others despite repeated callings. They will be inattentive even if one calls them at the top of their voice whereas they respond to the slight vibrations and sounds of electronic gadgets like Television, mobile phones and even the noise of the vehicles. The parents on looking at this strange behaviour of their wards at times may get irritated at this inattentiveness to the call of the elders and remain highly alert and respond to the trivial sounds and noises of gadgets and often beat their children for their rash behaviour without understanding the real state of affairs of the child. This is a wrong approach and it can inflict severe damages on the personality of the child.

The love, care, compassion and comfort of the parents are essential and inevitable for the Autistic child. These children love to be in the company of toys and machines more so than in human company and it is quite natural for these little ones. Another characteristic feature that one notices in these children is their undivided attention in watching television for hours put together. They will not be bored on watching television continually and even if they are often seen programmes the child would display an enthusiasm and excitement as if it is seeing that particular thing for the very first time. If one detects the presence of autism in the children before three years of age then complete cure of this children are highly possible and achievable.

When the child is grown up these children lack self initiatives and direction and they cannot do anything on their own. They would behave in the following manner that they would bite their hands violently, breaking the toys and the objects and behave very violently. These children are extraordinarily skilled and talented in some creative endeavors like music, arts, crafts and so on. If their particular interests and aptitudes are discovered then one would be able to understand their potentiality and thus help them to achieve success and greatness in life and be a blessing to their family and society. It is therefore the responsibility of the parents and teachers to identify the potential of these little ones and to make them as champions.

I have already detailed some of the symptoms and indications of Autism and how the autistic child would behave in such conditions. Here I had enlisted some more tangible indications that would make one to immediately perceive and understand as Autism among the children.

  • The child is not interested to look at any one face to face.
  • The child prefers to stay alone, always remains isolated from the crowd.
  • The child behaves as if it is dumb.
  • Without any reason or cause the child bumps to attack others.
  • The child endures any amount of pain and does not react naturally for any kinds of disturbance.
  • The child shakes its hands and legs aggressively and makes deafening sounds which would be really strange and disturbing to others.
  • The child engages in acts by which it hurts and harms itself.
  • The child’s ability to talk with others gradually reduces.
  • The child starts sucking its nails.
  • The child continually does nail biting.
  • The child will be anxious and restless.
  • The child is very adamant and defying.

These are some of the symptoms of the children suffering with Autism. Besides these the child exhibits the following things as well. The child looks intently at things without blinking and often stares at the skies unobtrusively. When it speaks to others it will not look into their eyes and speak but rather focuses somewhere and speaks. It would often shake its hands and legs and when the child is hugged and embraced it reacts differently and often gets angry and wild at that. They react vigorously and some of the children would often repeat the same things, their conversations would be idle and often found to be meaningless.

There is a statistic which says that Autism is commonly found among boys than in girls. My only intention in and through this book is that many people should have a comprehensive understanding and awareness about Autism and the Rathna Siddha hospital exists to disseminate correct information to the general public and to as many people as possible.

If you are apprehensive and worrying that your son or daughter is born like this and suffer from this dreadful disease and allowing this worry to wreck havoc in your life by spoiling your peace, disturbing your work and also affecting your health, my sincere plea to you dear parent is that don’t spoil your health by thinking pessimistic things about your child’s future. There is some good news for you and at the Rathna Siddha herbal hospital the autistic children were cured by following the herbal treatment of Dr. K. Thiruthanikachalam and many such children are perfectly healed and made whole. We proudly declare to the world and to the parents of Autistic children in any part of the world not to be dismayed or saddened by Autism there is hope and it is found in the herbal treatment. It is medically proven that many of those who had undergone treatment in our centres are now completely relived of this problem.

Parents don’t lose heart just bring your son or daughter into our clinic and we promise that after the end of the treatment you will go happy for your son or daughter will be made whole and completely healed.

Another thing one ought to remember is that not every child who is suffering from Autism undergoes similar kinds of difficulties and problems. It varies according to the child and before one administers the treatment and the care one ought to evaluate and understand the specific problem of each child. Thus there is no fixed or common practice or treatment procedures followed in the cure and treatment of Autism. The problems and issues of each child is very unique and distinct hence every effort has to be made to understand the specificity of the problem and of the temperament and state of the child before administering the treatment procedures to the child. Try to comprehend every child as an unique one and without getting annoyed try to relate with them slowly and gently the necessary correctional procedures. Never ever enforce anything to the child and any kind of pressure would only cause harm to the correctional procedures if ever attempted to the child.

The first form of education or training to these children is procedures and practices concerning their daily routines of life. The more a particular habit is taught, reinforced and repeated better are the chances that the child would pick up that behavioural practice and try to do accordingly in their life. Children are good at imitating any trait or habit. The more times it is repeated and enforced better are the chances that it gets struck with the children and they remember it for a life time.

There are special schools conducted for Autistic children as they will not be able to learn and comprehend like the normal children. But we assure you that there is no need for any kind of specialised education or training to your autistic boy or girl if it undergoes treatment in our herbal research centre.

Even a branch of the western medical science namely the neurology declares that there is no permanent cure for the problem of Autism. But to the dismay of the western medical fraternity and to the joy of the entire world, we are happy and proud to announce to the entire human humanity that it is possible to have a permanent cure for the problem of autism and the path breaking research was accomplished by Dr. K. Thiru Thanikachalam in the Rathna Siddha Herbal treatment. The drugs that we prescribe are natural and herbal and it sets straight the disorders and damages in the nerve cells of the brain and helping the boy or girl to be completely free from Autism. We have numerous testimonies of how diverse kinds of people who brought their young ones with Autism go back to their respective homes having their son or daughter behaving like any other normal child. Finally I wish to convey through this disseminating tract that Autism is completely curable through herbal treatment.

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