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Dr. K. Thiruthanikasalam who through his phenomenal research has discovered the drug to cure the problem of autism by following the Siddha Herbal medicinal treatment. This is indeed heartening and joyful not only for the Tamil speaking world but for the entire nation of India. More Details

Award of Nobel prize

. The great work of Dr. K. Thiruthanikasalam is commendable and one can recommend his name and of his profound research to be considered for the award of Nobel prize for Medicine.More Details

Vaccinaton and Autism

In the 1980’s one out of every 10,000 children born are affected with autism but the current scenario is that one out of every 150 children have Autistic disorders. This is but a result of the drugs administered during vaccination by the socially conscious medical doctors and scientists.More Details

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Dr. K. Thiruthanikasalam.
Rathna Siddha Hospital and Herbal Research and Development centre
8/18. 23rd Street, Jai Nagar,
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Tamainadu,South India.
Phone Number: 044-26223828,
Mobile Number: +919962812345.More Details


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